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List of Events

  1. The cellist pictured sitting outside, looking off to the left of the camera and smiling.

    Abel Selaocoe at The Hub

  2. A man stands against a wall holding a zither and smiling

    Aga Khan Master Musicians at The Hub 1

  3. A man sits on stone steps playing a fadolin

    Aga Khan Master Musicians at The Hub 2

  4. A blonde man with a moustache, dressed in a black button down top, stands in front of a beige photo backdrop.

    Albrecht Mayer & Friends

  5. A woman in a magenta dress looks away from the camera and leans to the side. She has pink, blue and yellow lights reflecting off her.

    Alison Goldfrapp

  6. Five dancers jump together in front of a dark blue background. Their movements are graceful and strong.

    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Programme 1

  7. A woman stands against a yellow background with a golden silk dress billowing around her and her head tipped back with dreadlocks hanging down

    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Programme 2

  8. Two men sit side by side, one playing a fiddle with his eyes closed and one playing an accordion and smiling at the camera

    Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham at The Hub

  9. Two men in black suits, and one woman in a red floor length dress stand on a bridge, looking out to the horizon. The woman holds her violin, and and a cello lays on the ground beside her. The water under the bridge is calm, and there are low grey clouds overhead.

    Amatis Trio with Thomas Quasthoff

  10. A man in a suit drinks wine straight from the bottle while holding a glass bowl

    An Afternoon with Geoff Sobelle at The Hub

  11. Matthew Herbert, wearing glasses and a black turtleneck, holds a horse head skeleton in two hands. He looks at it. Behind him at other musicians playing, also wearing black.

    An Afternoon with Matthew Herbert at The Hub

  12. Dressed in a white dress with straight hair, the singer touches her reflection in a smudged, ornate mirror.

    Anoushka Shankar

  13. On the left, Nick Ormerod. On the right, Declan Donnellan. In the centre is Juan. All three men are wearing neutral colours, and have small smiles.

    Artist Conversation: Life is a Dream at The Hub

  14. On the left, Nat McCleary with brown curly hair, a small black beanie, and a black t-shirt. On the right, Johnny McKnight with short black hair and a black t-shirt. Both are looking directly at the camera with small smiles.

    Artist Conversation: Thrown at The Hub

  15. On the left, a man with short black hair and stubble leans against a vintage mirror and looks at the camera. On the right, a woman with short brown hair, in a dark green dress leans against a galvanised iron wall and looks directly at the camera.

    Artist Conversation: Tiago Rodrigues at The Hub

  16. In a billowing orange tent, two musicians are cast in shadow. One sits at a drum set and the other plays an instrument that has strings suspended from the ceiling

    As Far As Impossible

  17. A woman crouches with a cello on her back, shes dressed in black leather and has cuffs on her wrists and bicep. Her makeup is dramatic, with black lipstick and a white line across one eye.

    Ayanna Witter-Johnson & LSO Percussion Ensemble at The Hub

  18. A bearded man wearing a suit holds a conductor's baton, captured mid-movement

    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

    Where do we go from here?
  19. An orchestra stands dressed in black on a wooden stage with their conductor smiling with his arms spread in front of them

    Budapest Festival Orchestra: Bartók & Kodály

  20. The orchestra pictured standing onstage at the conclusion of a performance, facing their audience and smiling broadly.

    Budapest Festival Orchestra: Weber & Mendelssohn

  21. An orchestra dressed all in black sit in a semi-circle formation in a rehearsal room

    Budapest Festival Orchestra: A Model for the Future

  22. An audience sit on blue and orange beanbags with orchestra players seated on chairs amongst them and a conductor standing in the middle

    Budapest Festival Orchestra: Dvořák Inside Out

  23. An elderly couple stand in an embrace, illuminated by a wall decorated with table lamps.

    Bluebeard's Castle

  24. Two men and two women, all dressed in black, stand looking at the camera with serious faces, each hold a string instrument

    Castalian String Quartet

  25. A red-haired woman wearing a dark green jacket stands smiling with a loch and wooded shoreline visible in the distance behind her.

    Catriona Morison & Malcolm Martineau

  26. The violinist pictured smiling onstage, holding her violin and bow in one hand and a microphone on a stand in the other.

    Catriona Price & Friends at The Hub

  27. The singer pictured with green and yellow pin curls wearing a black diaphonous gown, illuminated by a spotlight against a black background.

    Cécile McLorin Salvant in Concert

  28. A woman standing against a fiery orange and yellow sky looks down at the camera. She's wearing a satin dress with puffed sleeves and holding her hands up and away from her.

    Cécile McLorin Salvant: Ogresse

  29. Nine dancers in skin-coloured suits with tattoos on them stand entangled in a line

    Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart

  30. Violinist holds the neck of the violin against her shoulder as she looks ahead, she stands in front of a grey backdrop

    Clara-Jumi Kang

  31. A conductor stands with the conductors baton, arms outstretched and her eyes closed. Next to her sit two strings players.

    The Closing Concert

  32. A woman with long grey hair stands in front of a large percussion drum. In the background is a large field and fluffy clouds.

    Dame Evelyn Glennie in Conversation at The Hub

  33. A man sits at a table with miniature houses and trees perched on his arm whilst someone else pushes a miniature van along the table


  34. The conductor shown standing in the centre of the orchestra, with seated musicians gathered around him and a church pulpit visible in the background.

    Dunedin Consort plays Bach

  35. A group of people stand around a dining table with wine glasses underneath a screen playing the film Dogville


  36. A man wearing a white buttoned-up shirt and blazer jacket stands in front of purple Edinburgh International Film Festival branding

    EIFF @ Edinburgh International Festival